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We absolutely love to know what you want to see. We get so many requests that it’s hard to keep up with them all. So, we decided to make videos for the most popular requests first. If you have any requests for new YouTube videos that you would really like to see us make, please fill out the request form on the submission page. Don’t forget to vote!

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I would love to see a video of you doing a chemical hair treatment, like coloring, highlighting or something like that.

Submitted by: Susannah

Baby hair

Can you do a video about how to deal with baby hair 🙂

Submitted by: Alexandra

Mommys makeup

You should do a video where you let baby kenz and daddy do your make up, hair and pick your outfit for the day and go out doing your daily routine wearing it and vlog about what they picked and why. =]

Submitted by: Angela Bringweber

Funniest Moments from This Year

I love all the funny moments ya’ll have when you lock each other out of the car OR throwing popcorn tricks OR other funny things where ya’ll are being silly!

Submitted by: Brooke

Room Tour

Can you do a room tour of Kinsley’s room and show us a little bit of her clothes etc?

Submitted by: LeeLoo2002


Please do a video about frustrations in your life. It is great to be positive but everything appears perfect and cute when in reality it’s not. So things like being sad when you didn’t get to spend enough time with Joel, difficult clients, waiting for your husband to finish school or irritation’s and difficulties in raising a child running a salon and being married in America in 2013. I’d like to see the other side of the coin and what you have to deal with daily and how you cope with the help of your faith.

Submitted by: Ann Marie

Tutorial on how to roll a perm

hello heather. love the videos. keep up the awesome work. i dont know how fond you are of tutorials but i was wondering if you would do a perm tutorial

Submitted by: Chris

Longer and healthier hair

A video about keeping your hair heathy. And to get it long. Like what you do. And if you take pills, or medication and does it work?

Submitted by: McKenna

cheap hair care

drugstore/walmart hair stuff like shampoo and conditioner. on how to keep hair healthy and soft. i resently started growing my hair out and the ends are always straw like ( I have corse curly hair.)

Submitted by: jeskah

Kitchen Tour

Please go through everything and if any good products what are they?

Submitted by: Alison

Day In The Life

Hey Heather,I’ve been wondering if you could make another day in the life and because Kinsley is almost three I would love to see the day in the life! 🙂

Submitted by: LeeLoo2002

Another makeup tutorial!

I love watching your makeup tutorials, and I was wondering if you could do another one. Any kind of look. ♥

Submitted by: Wendi

How you Started your hair salon business

Hi, I’m a BIG fan! I was wondering if you could do a video with your mom about how you guys started your hair salon business! I know this would be helpful and informative to all the moms out there trying to start there own businesses!

Love you guys!

Submitted by: Jami

makeup tutorial

Please make a back to school makeup tutorial

Submitted by: kristin schreiner

Hair Sectioning Tutorials

i am hoping to see more tutorials. i myself fresh out of beauty school have a hard time with sectioning. i was hoping you might do a how to for sectioning perms. its one of my weaknesses

Submitted by: Chris

old wives tales

You should do a bunch of old wives tales and gender prediction things. You should also try intelligender!

Submitted by: candy

Salon shampoo

Shampoo a female adult client (backwash) in the salon – all shampooists have different styles, let’s see yours.

Submitted by: Dahlia

light eye makeup

I was wondering if you could do a video doing a makeup routine where you use lighter shades of eyeshadow. The way you do your eyes is really pretty. I was just wondering if you could do a video for someone who doesn’t like wearing dark colored eyeshadow. Thanks. =)

Submitted by: Wendi

Video of haircut experience.

I have a daughter who is scared of haircuts. Could you show us a video of a virtual haircut? Maybe sit on the chair and smile at the mirror while someone makes the chair go up and down a few times like a ride? I want to show her that haircuts are fun.

Submitted by: Isabelle Trish

What’s in Kinsley’s school bag

Hey Heather,could you do a video what’s in Kinsley’s school bag? Of course probably food etc. But I just wanna know 🙂

Submitted by: LeeLoo2002

Shampooing Others

Tutorial on how to properly shampoo a girl/daughter in a home setting before you give her a home hair cut. Show us how to properly wash someone elses hair to get it properly ready for haircut using home sink and bath tub methods. Also how wet should the hair b wet when you cut it. Have Heather do the wash on a girl age 8-12 or so


Submitted by: davetv13

How I made my intro

Where you show how you made you intro to you channel. (intro: the thing you always put in at the start of each of your videos)

Submitted by: McKenna

Kinsley and Heather Doing Joels Makeup!

I think heather or kinsley should do Joel’s makeup and then Joel or kinsley should do heathers make up I know u did one of kinsley doing your makeup put u could do an updated one

Submitted by: Destiny

Please read!

I, along with many others I am 100% sure, would LOVE to see get ready with me videos from you!!

Submitted by: Tasha


Updated house tour(; inside and out

Submitted by: beth

Mary Kay

Could you do a makeup tutorial using nothing but Mary Kay products?

Submitted by: Wendi

Draw my life

Could you do a draw my life video?

Submitted by: Meg


Hello, I really love all kind of DIY videos, so maybe anything related to that, from kids toys or games, to furniture improvement or just beauty hints/tricks.
I especially liked the brush among the prizes, it looks great!
Thanks for the awesome giveaway and the opportunity to win it!

Sorry I didn’t notice I should have written it here and thanks for the warning!

Submitted by: Elisa aka Magyca View Elisa aka Magyca’s Site


I would like to see a video blog of you and Joellooking at old pictures of Kinsley.

Submitted by: Ann Marie

kinsley dresses

i’m from India,Andhara Pradesh. I will watch all your videos regularly.I’m very much impresed with all the dresses of kinsley….i will particularly watch her dress in all videos.please post a video showing her dresses

Submitted by: Madhuri

$10 makeup challenge

Take the $20 makeup challenge one step further with the new $10 full face makeup challenge.(Trying not to use all ELF products.)

Submitted by: Wendi K.


1. Make up removal
2. Conditioning hair

Submitted by: Ann Marie


Outfit of the day or hair ideas ★

Submitted by: christie olive

Hair care

Updated hair care routine, what to do for dry scalp & maybe do a review on like a shampoo/conditioner you would buy at Walmart, even though you are a hair stylist lol!

Submitted by: Tammy Henson View Tammy Henson’s Site

Best Preggo Moments

Hey Heather,I know you didn’t done a lot of pregnant videos but I’ve been wondering if you have some funny videos where you were pregnant.I would really love to see it! 🙂

Submitted by: LeeLoo2002

House tour

Please do a house tour inside and out when Klaire gets here!

Submitted by: Hannah

Funny Moments 2013

Hey Heather,I’ve been wondering if you could do a ‘Funny Moments 2013’ video.I would really enjoy watching it! 🙂

Submitted by: LeeLoo2002

Daily Vlog

Can you do more than five a day?__________ yes or no send at this email.

Submitted by: Tinashe

Red lip look

I’d like to see another makeup routine video using Ipsy, but more importantly with a “red lip look.”

Submitted by: Wendi

Workout routine while pregnancy

I’m really interesting to know what kind of workout routine you had while TTCing and now during pregnancy.
I would like to know what you’re eating too please 🙂
Thanks for your help !

Submitted by: Cindy

Night routine

I think you should do a night routine to show everyone how you get her to wind down ready to go to sleep

Submitted by: Vicky View Vicky’s Site ◄─ Link won’t work if Vicky didn’t submit it.

Terrible twos

Plz do a video on how you survived the terrible twos. Thx so much ! 🙂

Submitted by: Cassandra

Your childhood

Could you and Joel find time to do videos on your own childhoods? Things like where you went to school and different aspects of your growing up plus sharing other things besides cheerleading and sports that you would like to see your children do that you did.

Submitted by: Ann Marie

terrible twos

Tips and tricks to get through the terrible twos

Submitted by: Cassandra Esterline

Time Lapse of hair salon

I have a video idea for your channel. Could you try to do a day-long time lapse of your hair salon? I’m sure people would love to see the everyday happenings (Haircuts, etc.) at your place.

Submitted by: Kaylee Brandy

a shoutout

hi my name is maillee i have been watching your videos sin i did know i have a car alarm i love u guys so mutch i have sen some packages but i really just want to say that ur an insperation . thx !

Submitted by: mailllee

Beginner bloggers

Advise and any imformation on blogging for beginners inspired by you and why and how you choose to start blogging.

Such as:
Programs used to edit

Submitted by: Ginelle (Kirsten) Kessler

Pregnant Stretch Mark Cream Demo

Hi! You have amazing flawless skin on your belly! Could you show us what products you use, and more importantly, HOW you apply them? Perhaps a demonstration on your youtube channel would be great! All the best for the upcoming birth!

Submitted by: Nurul Shida


Hey Heather, I was wondering if it would be possible to make a video about you and Joel’s wedding day with pictures and stuff because you obviously can’t rewind time but yeah. I was watching one of your videos and I just so happened to think about that.

Submitted by: Charity

Hair salon

It would be really cool if u could give a tour of your Hair salon and Products!!!!!!

Submitted by: Lacey

i want a video of klaires nursery tour updated

will you heather make a video of klaires nursery plz and thaks your so pretty joels funny kinzo oomg love her shes so supper halrious and fun klaire shes awesome i have a reborn baby doll that looks really and feels realy i named her klaire after your baby and i have a toddler reborn named kinzley omg i love your videos

Submitted by: emma

How to: curl hair with straightener

I love to curl my hair but have no clue on how to curl it with a straightner. Can you make a how to video on how curl hair with a straightner??? Thank you so much!

Submitted by: Grace