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We are going to sit down as a family to answer your questions. So, what do you want to know? You can ask me (Heather), Joel and Kinsley anything you want! We will answer the top 5 questions each time we make a new “You Asked for It” video. Fill out the form below. Don’t forget to come back and vote on your question after it’s posted!



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This question for: Family

Question: Doesn’t Kinsley ever cry? I sure enjoyed your Disney on ice because I was able to watch it again on YouTube. I cannott afford a ticket when it comes in January during Chicago winter to Rosemont, Illinois.

Submitted by: Ann Marie

This question for: Parents

Question: First of all thank you for picking and answering my question so well about the fish oil. Now I would like to know even though you are the cutest couple, appear to be affectionate and respect one another what you do now to make sure your relationship continues. There are tons of couples who start out and love and do very well Christian or not who grow apart from each other and end up divorced. How do you think about keeping the flame and what kind of things do you try to do in the present to ensure that Kinsley will have both parents in her home in the future??

Submitted by: Ann Marie

This question for: Joel

Question: It is obvious why Heather became a hairstylist. She is so talented and it seems like a family thing. Why did Joel decide to become a chiropractor?

Submitted by: Ann Marie

This question for: Heather

Question: I have such extremely thick, heavy hair, so when I try to do anything with it, it never stays. I have tried all kinds of curling irons and products that are supposed to help it hold, but even if I spend hours trying to curl it, it always falls back to normal within 30 minutes. Any tips?

Submitted by: Finnley

This question for: Parents

Question: Do you think Kinsley is spoiled and are you concerned about having her name on her clothing for strangers to see as well as all this exposure?

Submitted by: Ann Marie

This question for: Joel And Heather

Question: Do You Guys Put God First In Your Marriage? Any Advice For Teens/Young Adults On God And Relationships?

Submitted by: Elizabeth McLaughlin

This question for: joel

Question: joel what did you think about the 2013 Clemson Carolina game? Go TIGERS

Submitted by: Lindsey

This question for: Heather

Question: Hi, did you breastfeed Kinsley. if not, do you plan on breastfeeding your next? Thanks.

Submitted by: Victoria

This question for: heather and joel

Question: What’s your favorite team on football mine is 49ers even though i live in st.louis?
Heather and joel would u ever come to st.louis mo
Bc I luv u guys and I dream of meeting u guys?

Submitted by: linda

This question for: Joel and Heather

Question: I was just wondering now that Klaire is here, is there any hope for a little boy since you guys have two beautiful little girls. I always wanted to tell you that you guys have an amazing family and its so nice to be able to see it. Thanks guys.

Submitted by: Lakeysha Burnley View Lakeysha Burnley’s Site

This question for: Free baby items

Question: Hey hun I wanted to pass along a coupon for these following products…a total savings of $245.00 and NO THIS IS NOT A SCAM!!!! The coupon allows you to get these products for free, but you have to pay shipping and handling. I already ordered my stuff today, some things are back ordered but this deal is just too good to pass up!

Coupon Code for ALL OFFERS: DMC314

1. Carseat Cover: ($50 Value)

2. Nursing Pillow: ($40 Value)

3. Baby Sling: ($40 Value)

4. Belly Band: ($40 Value)

5. Nursing Cover: ($40 Value)

6. Reusable Breast Pads: ($35 Value)

I promise I would not be passing this along if it weren’t true!!!!! And this special is only on for a short period of time, as soon as they run out of stock its over!!!

Submitted by: Alyssa

This question for: Heather or Joel

Question: When did you start vlogging your daily life? Do you have your first video still on YouTube? What camera do you use to film your vlogs now?

Thanks! I love your channel!

Submitted by: Tarah

This question for: Heather

Question: Will you share your grandmothers recipe for the Chili Soup that she made, & her cornbread recipe if it was homemade? Thank You! 🙂

Submitted by: gigi

This question for: kinsley heather joel klaire but some is for kinsley to answer

Question: hi kinsley my name is emma i love you in the videos your so funny well 1 how old are you 2 will you be my friend 3 whats your favorite food 4 whats your favorite color 5 do you know what state you live in if so where ? will you and mommy and daddy and klaire make a video of you answering my quisten ? thanks so much i love your videos you inspire me to wanna be married to a guy like joel and have a kid like kiinsley and klaire ! thanks and ps heather your so pretty im a preteen thanks for making videos i love the i am subscribed so thank yall bye bye cox family

Submitted by: emma

This question for: Heather & Joel

Question: Hello my name is Sophie I’m 12, I’m from Portugal and love watching your videos,
this is not really a question but … You and your daughter remind me of Barbie, are very beautiful. A big kisses Sofia In portuges: Olá o meu nome é Sofia tenho 12 anos ,sou de Portugal e adoro ver seus videos , isto nao é bem uma pergunta mas… Você e sua filha fazem-me lembrar a Barbie, são muito bonitas. Um grande beijinhos Sofia
Submitted by: Sofia View Sofia’s Site

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This question for: Heather

Question: What were your worries when you found out you were pregnant again? Things about Kinzo, Joel, anybody..?

Submitted by: Lauralan

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This question for: Kinsley

Question: Hi kinz are you excited to be big sister and can you tell me what are you most excited to do with klair

Submitted by: Kylie Demerath

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This question for: Kinsley

Question: What Are You Most Excited About To Become A Big Sister And Did You Help Your Parents Pick Out You're Baby Sister's Name?

Submitted by: Avalanna

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This question for: Kinsley/Joel

Question: What do you wanna be when you grow up? When will Joel Finish school (Anyone can answer just been wondering ) p.s love you guys!

Submitted by: Terran Battle

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This question for: Heather

Question: Heather how long have you been a hairstylist? Is it fun to meet new customers and see your regular clients? I was thinking about being a hairstylist this year do you have any tips and advice to give us?

Submitted by: Leah loterbaugh View Leah loterbaugh’s Site

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This question for: kinsley

Question: i was wondering ,i was to going to get kinsley a cabbage patch kid but was unsure if she would like it ,

Submitted by: Kendal-Louise

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This question for: Kinsley

Question: How has your life changed for the better or negatively since your little sister was born? I am really curious about this because my older sister was the same age as Kinsley when I was born and I’m sure she never treated me as sweetly Kinsley treats Claire. When and if you answer make sure you say she instead of her please.

Submitted by: Ann Marie

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This Q&A Question Is For: Kinsley

Question: Why did you name your sibling Klaire? What TV shows do you like? What is your favorite TV show? What songs do you sing to your sibling? What songs do you sing? Do you sing the songs Baby One More Time and Call Me Maybe?

Thanks, Rissy

Submitted by: Rissy View Rissy’s Site

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This question for: Both

Question: How many kids do you guys want and if you were to have a boy what would you name him?

Submitted by: Skylar

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This question for: Heather

Question: Was it hard to be a teen mom and do u ever regr-et have kez?

Submitted by: Alexis

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This question for: Heather

Question: How do yall manage to get videos up everyday? Isn’t editing hard? How many more kids would you like to have in the future

Submitted by: Bailey

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This Q&A Question Is For: Kinsley

Question: If you could have another sibling would u like it to be a boy or girl? Also what would you name it?

P.s. I love u

Submitted by: Carsen

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This Q&A Question Is For: Heather

Question: Was it hard to do different things to teach klaire the difference between night and day?

Submitted by: Lindsay

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