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Come join us for our live chats! In these videos we would like to know what you would like to see us do live? Request things you want us to do. We could do a fun challenge or tag, a room tour, answer questions or a hair tutorial. What would you like to see at our next live chat?

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Live Video Chat Request: Video Ideas

Room Tour{Kinzo, and you and Joel’s}
Chubby bunny challenge
Late for school/work hairstyles
Tour of the salon
Car tour
House Tour
Instagram and YouTube giveaway and Q&A
4 year old toddler tag

Submitted by: Maegan Mitchell- Kemp

Live Video Chat Request: Questions

1.) Heather, how do you stay so fit?
2.) Joel, what are you going to school for?
3.) Is it hard to manage 2 kids when you both work?
4.) Heather, which pregnancy was easier?
5.) What’s Kinsley’s favorite holiday?
6.) What kind of schedule is Klaire on now?
7.) When are you guys going to have another baby!? 🙂
8.)Heather, how long did it take you to get your cosmetology license?
9.) How long have you and Joel been together?
10.) Heather, how much does Joel spoil you?

Submitted by: Tarrah Carmon

Live Video Chat Request: Baby food challenge

you have a bunch of baby food and you are blind folded and the other person feeds a little to you and you have to guess what kind of baby food it is(the flavor or something)

Submitted by: April S

Live Video Chat Request: Labor and delivery

– i have seen your video on how your pregnancies went. But you did such a great job at going through the pain of contractions. Im getting induced soon. Im a nervous wreck about the pain. You didnt even cry, was it painful to you? What tips would you give me about the labor?

Submitted by: Taylor Danielle

Live Video Chat Request: My Daughter loves you guys, she is 5

So my daughter Madye is 5 years old, she loves watching your videos. When she saw the one that says give a request she instantly said for you guys to do a pool video with both you guys and the girls. We watch a couple different peoples blogs, like shaytards and bratayly also and she seems to think we can just go meet you guys. So maybe if you do a pool video and maybe say HI to Madye she would love that forever (or she just might think now were friends and she can have a sleep over with your adorable daughter lol)

Submitted by: Madye

Live Video Chat Request: Live chat

Running late for school/work for layered hair: hair styles or just a video, because I just can't seem to find any on youtube, that i can do.

By The Way !! I will be coming to visit your hair salon when I come to america in just over 3 years

Submitted by: Rachel Phillips

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Live Video Chat Request: Big sister tag

1. Do you like being a big sister
2. Do you love your baby sister
3. What’s your favorite color
4. How do you enjoy preschool
5. What’s your favorite animal
6. Favorite show to watch on tv
7. Favorite Princess
8. Favorite Disney movie
9. What is your favorite thing about soccer

Submitted by: Eliesa Jans

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Live Video Chat Request: Tips for State Board

Hi my name is Heather and I just graduated Cosmetology school! I just recently came across your videos, while looking for hair tips. Love your videos by the way. I am currently preparing for my state boards, which I am so nervous about. I know I am ready, but I was wanting to know if you have any tips to help me prepare better for when I get there? Anything at all would help me. I know every point counts during boards. Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon!


Submitted by: Heather

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Live Video Chat Request: Hey heather

hey heather!!

How are you?

How long have you been a hair dresser for?

I love watching your videos….

And your girls are so cute

And would you come too Australia one day I would love to meet you

Take care Jessica Collins

Submitted by: Jessica Collins

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Live Video Chat Request: Live chat

I am your biggest fan of you 🙂 your my inspiration:) I would love to talk to you ??

Thank you


Submitted by: Emily Rice

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Live Video Chat Request: Salon Caping And salon tour

Live Video Chat Request: Salon Caping And salon tour

I want to see you do a tour of the salon and do a live chat of you wearing all the salon capes around your neck and snapped or velcroed around your neck and pumped up facing the video camera or mirror. It is a great fun video you should do as a live chatting video. Kat Surth Has done a salon caping video and please and thank you. I would appreciate if you would do it.

Submitted by: Ed Kittell

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