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Live Video Chat Request: Questions

1.) Heather, how do you stay so fit?
2.) Joel, what are you going to school for?
3.) Is it hard to manage 2 kids when you both work?
4.) Heather, which pregnancy was easier?
5.) What’s Kinsley’s favorite holiday?
6.) What kind of schedule is Klaire on now?
7.) When are you guys going to have another baby!? 🙂
8.)Heather, how long did it take you to get your cosmetology license?
9.) How long have you and Joel been together?
10.) Heather, how much does Joel spoil you?

Submitted by: Tarrah Carmon

Live Video Chat Request: My Daughter loves you guys, she is 5

So my daughter Madye is 5 years old, she loves watching your videos. When she saw the one that says give a request she instantly said for you guys to do a pool video with both you guys and the girls. We watch a couple different peoples blogs, like shaytards and bratayly also and she seems to think we can just go meet you guys. So maybe if you do a pool video and maybe say HI to Madye she would love that forever (or she just might think now were friends and she can have a sleep over with your adorable daughter lol)

Submitted by: Madye